Inside The World Of The Biggest High Rollers And Casino Whales.

Money always goes to money so the saying goes. It doesn't always work that way in the big casinos as obviously the house always has the edge, with different games offering the gambler greater or lesser chances of winning. That said, the game of choice for the biggest high rollers will usually be Baccarat with Blackjack following closely behind. These are the games that have the lowest edge for the house, so it makes sense it will attract the super-rich to splash their cash in the hopes of more riches to add to their massive fortunes already.

What kind of treatment would one of these fat cats expect when he shows up at his given casino, having been bought from his private jet by limousine, surrounded by his entourage of bodyguards and beautiful women? Only the very best you can be assured. Nothing is too much for sir and his party, everything is free for the biggest high rollers. Champaign and caviar by the plateful, fine wines, tickets for shows, the very top suites reserved complete with butler service, anything sir would like is the establishment's very great pleasure to provide.

These guys amazingly are very shy, not interested in publicity. They just like to go about their business in the casino in a low key way, as strange as it may sound. Frequently they and their entourage will be invited in to the private no limit rooms reserved for Baccarat. Make a big win here, and they will slide away as quick as they came to enjoy their conquest, these guys are the crème de la crème. A starting credit line of a million, is nothing to these whales where credit lines are increased still further to $20m and beyond if required.

These guys are the ultra-rich the Billionaires of the world. They are a very rare breed indeed and worldwide paying a visit to play in a casino on any given night, would represent one out of 150-500. A very elitist global club indeed. Although 80% are Asian, the number 1 high roller would be considered to be the Australian Kerry Packer.

As well as his gambling exploits and notoriety, Packer is well known for his generosity wherever he goes. After a 3 months stay at The Savoy in London, he rewarded his regular waiter with a thank you of forty five thousand pounds in Sterling. Astounding you are probably thinking, and yes, it certainly is a staggering sum to tip a waiter. However, to put it in perspective this Billionaire plays nearly half a million dollars per Blackjack hand, yes you read that right, so you can imagine the tip the dealer gets when he wins a hand can't you? Now I'd call that a true win win situation!

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