Top 5 Blackjack Casino Sites With Free Bonus

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Blackjack Sites and Games

With hundreds of variants on the internet, blackjack has managed to become one of the most popular casino games online. Playing the game, however, can be overwhelming, not only because of the competition but also where blackjack casino bonuses. In a game, you're playing against the house and need to get a number greater than the dealer without exceeding 21. Playing casino games is not the only way of online gambling. There are also online betting sites for those who enjoy watching sports, and we are pretty sure that if you visit ButchTheGambler, it will definitely become your new favorite sports betting site.

High limit blackjack, however, is much more than this simple explanation and requires a different kind of focus and skill.

Know the game

You can't get to the high stakes table without getting through the simpler ones. Reaching the bigger stakes is a ladder that you need to climb. In that venture you need to know the game inside out. Arm yourself with that knowledge regarding the different variants of the game and the different advantages they hand to you in their formats. If you wish to find more blackjack casinos, then visiting an online casino directory like our website comes highly recommended. This is especially true if you wish to find a casino operator that is licensed in your country of residence. Canadian players, for example, can visit where top casinos for the country are listed. It also means that Canadians will be able to qualify for welcome packages in their preferred currency and enjoy many promotions that are themed around Canadian holidays and major events.

House Advantage

The house advantage is what your ultimate target should be during the game. Advanced blackjack strategies can help you reduce the advantage of the house by about 5% which counts for a lot when you're playing for bigger limits.

While payouts are at a ratio of 3:2, some tables will payout at a ratio of 1:1 or even 6:5, which increases the edge of the house.

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Know when to hit

This is the most important factor for a player to know when playing for greater amounts. The best time to hit are when the dealers card is at 7-10 or an ace and your hand is between 12-16. Another situation in which you should hit is when the dealer's card is and 8 and you have an 11.

Know when to Stand

If the dealer is below 6, and your hand totals a 13, then it's time for you to stand. Another time where you should stand is when your hand values more than 17 or if you have 10s that you can split. It should be fairly apparent, but just to be sure: don't play blackjack games with odds less than 3:2. Also, don't drink too much. Blackjack is a simple game, but you still need your wits about you.

Know when to Split and Double

If allowed, always split aces and 8s. If the dealer card is below 6 then make sure to split any 7s and 6s you have.

On the other hand, if the dealers hand is at 9, 10, or 11, you should double. If you have an 11, you should always double.

Count Cards

This is one of the most well known and implemented strategies used in blackjack and can be very effective in cutting your losses and increasing winnings. This strategy can help you determine when you have the higher odds and when the game is in the favor of the dealer.