Purple Casino Chips Value

When you play poker the casinos will have various colors for their chips and this goes the same for purple casino chips value. The value of the purple chips are $500, which is the second highest chip value after orange chips, which are valued at $1000.

You should know the color value of all the chips when you play poker, whether it is at a land based casino or online casino, as by just looking at the colors in the pile you can see how much the pot is worth. In poker the while and blue chips are worth $1, red chips are worth $5, green chips are worth $25, black ships are worth $100, the purple casino chips value is $500, and orange chips are worth $1,000.

Not only are the chips valued, but they also have nicknames as well, which you should know so you are an expert in the poker terms. Red chips are called nickels, green chips are called quarters, purple chips are called barneys, and orange chips are called pumpkins.

When you match the color of the chips with the signs at the poker table you can easily see what the minimum bet is for that table with a quick look. For example if you see a green sign the minimum table bet is $25. The purple chips are called barneys because of that purple dinosaur in the kids show by the name of Barney. If your chip stack is filled with barneys you are doing well and if you have lesser chip values you can always cash up and make it easier for you to hold off betting bigger chips like barneys and pumpkins.